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Collect and organize feature requests. Announce new releases. Publish a roadmap. Let customers know what's going on.

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All-in-one platform for product features and updates

Ideas & Features Management

Organize & collaborate on ideas by customers and upcoming features
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Public Roadmaps

Build a clear plan easily understandable by your customers and let them access is whenever they want
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Publish roadmaps and latest product updates on portal - and bring your domain, colors and logo in
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Email Updates

Send email updates (newsletters) to keep your customers up to date
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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to contact my IT team in order to get started?
Absolutely not! Your start can be as simple as sending your public URL to customers and see if they like the idea of you asking them about new features they want to see. If they like it, you can proceed with in-app widget which is going to make the whole experience amazing.
Do we need to integrate with you in order to use the platform?
No. We can be used as a standalone software. Invites will get you far when it comes to collecting feature requests. Once you are completely ready to roll it out to all your users, you can implement our widget or make portal completely public.
Is it possible to lock my portal so only my customers can access it?
It is possible. You can invite only users you want to have access to your portal.