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Collect and organize feature requests. Announce new releases. Publish a roadmap. Let customers know what's going on.

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Stop doing it the wrong way

Everyone is busy. A lot of things get missed, especailly feedback that's not quite critical. But that's what makes the difference. Customers love to get their suggestions considered and done.

Forget about spreadsheets

We love to put everything in a spreadsheet. It's certainly the easiest method. However, you can't really share it with anyone, nor request input from customers without your interaction.

We know you can't live without emails

It's not the smartest idea to reinvent the wheel. Emails work, people send feedback in emails. It's hard to manually enter in ProductHoop? We got you covered, just forward the email to us and you'll have it saved in our platform.

Using emails, Trello and spreadsheet?

You are not the first one. We will replace 3+ tools to cover this process with only one, and help you count saved hours.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform for product features

Replaces traditional methods for dealing with feedback from your customers


As soon as you register, we give you the link with your own portal for feature requests. It can be shared with your users.

Widget Coming soon

We provide you with in-app widget, easy-to-use, does not require users to leave your product


Portal and widget can be customized to fit your brand guidelines

Familiar Layout

Our interface is similar to email client - powerful for quick preview and responding

Public and Private Mode

If you are collecting feature requests from certain customers only, you can lock your portal to private access only and invite targeted users

Collect Mode

In collect mode we reach out to emails your enter and ask them what would they like to be built. Once user does that, we will inform you through an email.


Your portal will have auto-generated roadmap view. No need to maintain it manually.


Inform customers about new features in your product. Markdown is fully supported and posts look absolutely stunning.


Categorize every feature request. Looks nice, makes it easier for customers to find what they are interested in.

Email forwarding

You are in the middle of something, but received an email with feedback? Just forward it to our email address and we will save it.

Custom domains

When you sign up, you get your very own subdomain. We can go even further and put our product under your domain.

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Whether you are an indie hacker, startup, or enterpise company we got you covered.


$29.99 /month

The essentails to kickstart you feature requests journey

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Portal
  • Categories
  • Subdomain


Most popular

$49.99 /month

A plan to cover most of your needs

  • All basic features
  • Portal customization
  • Widget & Customization
  • Priority support queue
  • Early feature access
  • Email forwarding
  • Announcements


Price on request

Suitable for enteprises who want a little bit more control

  • All Pro features
  • Custom template for portal
  • White labeling
  • Custom domain

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to contact my IT team in order to get started?
Absolutely not! Your start can be as simple as sending your public URL to customers and see if they like the idea of you asking them about new features they want to see. If they like it, you can proceed with in-app widget which is going to make the whole experience amazing.
Do we need to integrate with you in order to use the platform?
No. We can be used as a standalone software. Invites will get you far when it comes to collecting feature requests. Once you are completely ready to roll it out to all your users, you can implement our widget or make portal completely public.
Is it possible to lock my portal so only my customers can access it?
It is possible. You can invite only users you want to have access to your portal.
Is credit card required?
No, it's not.