Stay connected to your customers and drive customer satisfaction by launching customer portals with Product Hoop. They provide a connection between you, your customers and product updates.

Stay at the top of customer needs

Now it’s easier to get up-to-the-minute information about your products. Create and publish news, alerts, and updates on a regular basis using product portals. Ask customers to vote on existing features.

Get ideas directly from your customers

Getting product ideas from your customers has never been easier. They can submit new product ideas right through your portal.

Let everyone know what has been done and how far you are from the release

Use announcements to give your customer an update on how far along the feature release is. It might be something like "we're in the final stretch of development, but we still have some bugs to fix before the feature is complete" or something more formal.

Not sure how to prioritize features?

Let your customers vote on features so that you can prioritize them.

Take customer satisfaction to the next level.

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