How It Works?

Let us start by saying we love feature requests. However, there is certainly a process for gathering user feedback, managing and prioritizing those features, and communicating about them. This is how it works with Product Hoop!

Collect ideas

Feature requests and ideas are an important part of being a product owner. They provide you with feedback on your current product - they tell you what people want and need. This is how ideas get in our system:

Using the portal

Customers can sign in or anonymously submit their ideas through portal

Forward us an email

Got an email from customer? Cool, forward it to the email we give you and we will save it for you!


We all love shiny things, but sometimes you get the feedback on a call - so it has to be done manually

Shape it up in the feature

Your team can collaborate, cherry pick the best ideas and convert them to features.

Voting & Announcements

You can pick whether your feature will be available for voting on the portal. Announcements can be attached whenever some progress is made.


Any feature can be added to the voting section


Writing short updates for feature will keep your customers up to date. This can be a sentence or two.

Send weekly/monthly email updates

We've built the coolest UI ever for sending email updates. No need to repeat yourself, just pick features & announcements that you've already added to Product Hoop and press 'Send'. Takes like 1 minute to do.

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