12/30/2021 Customer Happiness: What It Is and Why It's Important

People want their voices to be heard. Customers want to know that their opinions are valuable. In the abstract, it may seem counter-intuitive to promote a customer-centric culture where customers are treated like clients instead of fellow citizens.

How hard is it to actually give "fellow citizens" status to your customers?

In practice this can lead to a feeling of belonging to a community and nearby -- ultimately making customers happier and more trusting of your brand, but what's the shortest path to this journey?

Caring, doing something with those unimportant emails, responding to them, keeping your customers in sync with what's coming.

Remember GaryVee's talk at WebExpo 2008? Let me remind you!

...but giving a sh** about your users is way better...

We're used to receiving emails from customers who just want that little thing to be done. And those users will follow up. A lot. The most important emails will become tickets, and the lower priority ones? Those might get lost.

New features build excitement and keep customers engaged. Apple has criticized some developers for taking too long to add in features, even if they are critical. Reading feedback as you are writing makes it clear what needs are being addressed — and how you can make the app better quickly — which makes a big difference in how people feel about your product.

Not just reading

When you're providing regular updates to your customers, you're making it easier for them to trust you and your product.

You know how important it is to communicate the value of your product. There's a big difference between announcing a new feature publicly and quietly incorporating it into an existing product. The former is a good way to get attention, while the latter is likely to result in adoption.

We're in this together

We know you are busy people. These things are not easy to keep in sync. Context switching is terrible.

To make your life easier, we have developed a solution for the whole process mentioned above. We did our best to save your time and effectively deliver information to your costomers. This is how ProductHoop works:

  1. When you sign up, your comapny gets a dedicated portal stored under producthoop.com domain. (check out ours)
  2. You can share your portal link with your customers or invite them using email address
  3. ProductHoop informs you about new feature request -- you can update status as updates are happening
  4. Out of these feture request, we will build a roadmap right on your portal and update it as you update feature requests (no need to moderate this manually)

Anyone can upvote existing approved feature request on your portal

We support email forwarding. If you are in hurry, forwarding an email to specific email address will save your email as a feature request. You will never again forget about it!

Fail to execute this properly, and customers will find someone who can deliver

Happy customers are the life blood of any successful business. A key indicator of successful growth is knowing that customers are not worrying if their voices will be heard. It's not hard to do, and it requires to do something different than what most companies are currently offering.

Let's face it: We release a product, and then we lose track of it. Customers get annoyed. They figure out how to get around the problem (often unwittingly) and leave us in their dust.

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